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We Flew East

9 Nov

–not West!  The sun never fully set.  A deep red-orange rim rind at the horizon, the bright bloody effusion of a skinned knee.  But no drippage.  The sun’s color stayed in a narrow band, the blue darkening upward to a deep blue-black midnight blue studded with stars.  A blue that made my heart ache with its beauty.

At 5PM we were over the Barents Sea.

The Beijing Airport — huge, beautiful, spacious without too much noise.  A function, I think, of its ceiling–a decorative ‘skin’ of vari-lengthed uniformly spaced white slats with at least 2 other layers of metal support and glass above them–giving the sound a way to dissipate from the marble floors and glass walls.  A wide-open floor plan with few seats.  Incredibly clean.

Cleaning staff almost always in sight.  A young lady offered me and all my luggage the use of a private handicapped bathroom.

Big pillars–round, gradually tapering conical ones, wide at the base which also serve as seats and narrowing as they enter into the white ceiling work.  A single building is 1 million square meters, 45 m high, 790 m long.

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