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The Light of Christ

20 Dec

An Advent piece I wrote in 2004.


Isaiah 9:1-2, Matthew 4:12


Let’s walk out and meet the morning.  It is an hour or more before dawn.  Wear lots of layers — it is cold outside. How dark it is!  We can distinguish the dark grey of the road, the black trees, the lumps of houses, and the midnight blue night sky — impenetrable save for the diamond stars.  Careful — stay on the road — without a light it is easy to stumble in the dark.  There are countless stars shining their feeble light like shiny bits of glass on dark velvet.  And up above us is the Milky Way.  The Incans thought it was the road to heaven. They did their best to find a path to God in the dark.


If we keep moving we will eventually warm up. You probably know that most ancient nations believed the sun was a god.  Many myths anticipate some aspect of Jesus’ coming.  The Aztecs thought only human blood sacrifice would keep the sun rising each day. The Incans chose special children to be messengers to the sun.  The Greeks have the story of Helios daily driving his chariot of the sun through the sky dragged by fiery horses.  Though his father tried to save him, Phaeton, Helios’ human son, wanted to be just like Dad and tried one day to drive the sun chariot.  The result was chaos and destruction for earth and death for Phaeton.  All peoples were walking in darkness, longing to know God.


Look– the eastern sky is becoming pale.  The dark and the stars fade.   Truth is stranger than any fiction.  From time’s beginning the Triune God planned the death of His only begotten son to bring mankind redemption through a new covenant.   Jesus stepped off His throne and came to us robed in flesh as a human baby.  The road to heaven is through Him–God’s messenger to mankind.  He came not as an equal to His Father, but as a servant, laying down his life. He fulfilled man’s longing.  The sky displays the majesty of a god coming: just above the horizon is a pale butterscotch; the clouds overlaying it are bright fuchsia and an incandescent orange.  All stories were swept away by the True Son’s coming just as the veil of night is swept away by the sun’s rising.  Jesus, the Great Light,  came to all who live in the land of the shadow of death.


Wow–Look at that sky!  Dark rose and pink now spread high up into the clouds in the eastern sky, and are reflected even in the west. A scarlet thread of light is seeping, bleeding across the dark horizon’s edge. Each dawn is a symbol of the mercy and forgiveness available to all through the blood of Christ. The sun shines on all people.  It gives light and heat even if hidden by stormy weather.  Just so, God’s redeeming love is available to all, regardless of circumstances.   Now we people of the Light prepare our hearts anew to celebrate the coming of our King of Light.  Let us shine His glory upon those around us who still walk in darkness and live in the shadow of death.  Dawn has come; God Himself came to be with us.  The sky is turning golden– here comes the great light once again.


Random Thoughts

24 Jan

Have decide spur of the moment that since a friend in a far-off land who has many small children can just list interesting events, so can I.  Although her events and writing skills exceed mine in interest and ability.

Marsha and I went to NY City two weekends ago to visit Dawn.  We were all at Cornell; Dawn lived across the hall from me and she and Marsha took economics together. New York streets were full of fur coats and garbage.  More of both than I have ever seen.  We had a very fun visit walking up and down and over and across to visit all sorts of mostly fancy used clothing shops.  Where the used clothes were more expensive than most of new ones I ever buy.  With names you would recognize on them.  The cloth and sewing and styles were of great interest.  There was fur for sale in the shops, too. We went to a free night of opera at Hunter College.  As we were walking home, Dawn noticed people funneling into an auditorium, so we followed them, found out about the evening’s free performance and were told there were no more tickets.  But we walked over through throngs of people to the free ticket table just to make sure.  Good thing we did.  We ended up with balcony front row tickets.  Great seats.  Marvelous concert.  Sets, costumes, acting, singing–all wonderful.  A full pit orchestra that was just a tad loud sometimes.  We went to Times Square at night, and had home-cooked meals and Peruvian chicken, seviche, avocado salad,  and yuca fritas and went to church in Soho in Greenwich Village in a beautiful church.  I sat there thinking “How can they rent this fabulously beautiful church at 10.45AM on a Sunday morning”?  Because it is a Seventh Day Adventist church, natch.  Dawn’s apartment mate is interesting and wonderful.  She played fairy godmother to us all.  I came home with a beautiful Mongolian style hat: yellow fabric crown and fur headband.

Hawthorne and I are taking a class together.  It is called Agility Foundations Level 1.  We are learning what a clicker is and I am learning how to use it to get behavior I want.  Right now Hawthorne gets to hear a click and receive a treat when he touches my open hand with his nose.  His treats:  his regular food mixed with small cut up pieces of cheese, baloney and chicken gizzards.  He is the largest dog in the class.  And the loudest.  And he peed the most.  But her went through the tunnel, which I thought he might not.  Isabelle went with us.  She didn’t like the lady who did not want Hawthorne to  go near her Jack Russell.  Ah, well.

It is cold here.  I waited until the afternoon to take Hawthorne on his walk.  It was above ten then.  I know, it’s colder in UlaanBaator.  Am having trouble enough with the cold here. Jay took the car to work.  It was -15 F  and the truck would not start.

Last week one morning I saw three small black creatures during my walk.  A small caterpillar, a flying insect, and a spider were each about 1/4 inch long.  They were in different places, but all on or near my daily route.  They gave me hope that spring will actually come, since at the time I thought they might know something about the weather I did not.  The foot of snow since then makes me think that was just me, though.

I need to go visit my neighbor.  She is elderly and believes she will not live through the winter.  She wants Jay and me to help with her funeral.  I just found out we can.  There are no rules, legal-wise, about funerals.  Only weddings.





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