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Water, dogs, pelts

12 Nov

Getting water with Joel and John.  They go more than a half mile at least once a week with a 60 L container on the water cart to get drinking water.  We went over rocky, icy dirt roads and alleys.  Shanty town. Ger district.  1L/10 tugriks.

They go several times each week to get cooking/wash water.  70+L/time.  Though today we got twice that amount.  Some for Hannah and her family.

A nice Mongolian man helped Joel and me as we struggled with the cart up hill by helping us push.  The cart had a flat tire.  The wash water water house is only a couple hundred yards away from the home.  The boys wished to hurry so we could play Settlers of Catan.

Joel went quickly to get dog meat.  2kg/500T for one days’ food.  Dogs not usually fed water.  There are dogs everywhere in the ger districts and the streets leading into them.  Puppies also.  Live and dead.  Hooda and Rosie came with the house and like other dogs in other hashaas are kept to keep strangers out.  Especially drunks.  Alcoholism is rampant here.  One main reason of insomnia are the constant barking of dogs.

I shall mention here my embarrassing lack of skill sexing dogs.  Kiny brought home a small puppy on my say that it was male.  It was female.  It seems I have never been around female dogs and they are built somewhat differently than large domestic mammals with which I am more familiar.  Yana!

About fur:  Lloyd and Kiny took me to a very large covered and open air zakh or market, the Naran Tuul zakh. Entrance fee: 50T. What a wonderful place!  A lady was selling square foot pieces of what looked to me like white lamb or kid pelts.  She told Lloyd it was lamb.  There was a wolf pelt hanging up, and a kind of deer–an antelope of some sort.  Fox pelts.  She opened a box and showed us mink and larger sheep pelts. Lloyd was trying to tell her I hunted and trapped.  Then she pulled out a yellow bag, opened it and removed a white pelt spotted with black.  It was a wild cat of some sort.  She turned it around and showed me the whiskers. Told Lloyd a price.  Yes, I understood.  Then it hit me.  It was an immature snow leopard pelt.  Yana!   (Which is an all purpose word of exclamation without any wicked or rude connotations.)

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