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Morning Hunts

11 May

Early this morning Jay went turkey hunting.  He did not see or hear anything.  When he came home he decided to go throw a few casts into the neighbor’s pond.  Several years ago he put four little brown trout there to live.

He tells me he did not expect anything to bite and just cast half-heartedly out into the weed thicket.  On the third cast he had a bite.  And what a bite it was!

The fish immediately swam into deeper weeds. Jay debated with me whether to go get the kayak and leave me holding the rod.  But after seemingly long minutes of futile pulling (but not too hard since the pole was bent right over and Jay was afraid of breaking the line), the fish himself swam out and a grand fight ensued.

Jay is delighted.  “I have never seen a Brown with so much color!  He is so green!” 

The fish weighs 3 3/4 pounds and is 21 inches long.  He makes the salmon Jay caught yesterday seem smallish by comparison.

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