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Tell and Show

26 Jul

This morning Hawthorne and I jumped deer in two widely separate areas.  We saw neither but heard their snorts and the noise their flight made.

We also heard loud sounds which were a cross between a quack and a honk.  Turns out it was a pair of blue herons flying low over the corn field calling to one another

The girl and her borrowed calf moved to the 4-H fairgrounds this afternoon for four days.  Jay will stay there at night in a tent. She plans to sleep in the pole barn next to her calf.  She packed so much nail polish I wondered (aloud) if she knew it was a barn and not a hotel.



How to Look like a Million

24 Jul

It is not hard.  Especially in farm country.

For your perusal: this group of dryers, bins, weigh scale, and transport chutes  are used to  dry, store, and move grain (wheat and corn mostly).  The footers for the pad of the largest bin are over five feet under the soil surface.

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